About us

Crystalella Limited was formed in 2012, after myself Josie, fell in love with the idea of adding Crystal's to shoes!

My grandfather was a jeweller, when I was a child. Regularly I was faced with fancy diamonds and sparkly bling. This was when I fell in love with things that sparkle. Plus I loved Cinderella, the crystal slipper, wow!!!

So I was thinking one day, how amazing it would be to add my own sparkle to items. I started to learn how to place Crystal's onto items of my own as a hobby. When family and friends saw the custom shoes I had done, I was asked if I could do them some.  I pride myself on perfection in my work. In 2012 whilst working two other jobs, I decided to start selling these shoes that I had customised in my spare time, and maybe make a carrier out of my passion. The joy that was shown by my customers became so addictive, that in 2017 I decided to leave my two jobs. To pursue customising items with crystals and diamante.

It originally started with just shoes, and the odd random item here and there. Now I am crystallising everything and anything! You name it, I will make it work. A recent product I did was prosthetic leg of a amputee. As you can see, you can add a custom sparkle to anything.

in 2020, during the pandemic I entered a project with the Black Mask Company, and worked closely with the one and only David Haye, customising their face mask product. As well as a pair of Nike Jordan's for the man himself!

I have recently made some custom sparkling bottles for (St Moriz). As you can see below.

Also we have a great network of influencers who love our work. Here is some of them.